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What should I know about forex market open and close times?

by admin   ·  March 7, 2024   ·  


Forex market open and close times play a crucial role in the trading activities of forex traders. In this article, we will explore the significance of these times and how they can impact your trading decisions. Understanding forex market open and close times is essential for optimizing your trading strategy and maximizing trading opportunities.

1. The Forex Trading Week

1.1 Market Sessions

The forex market operates 24 hours a day, five days a week. However, it is divided into several market sessions that have different characteristics and levels of activity. The major market sessions include the Asian, European, and North American sessions.

1.2 Overlapping Sessions

During certain periods of the trading day, two or more sessions may overlap. These overlapping sessions often experience increased trading activity and volatility, providing more opportunities for traders. It’s important to be aware of these overlapping sessions and their impact on market conditions.

2. Forex Market Open Times

2.1 Asian Session Open

The forex market opens with the Asian session. This session begins at around 8:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and is characterized by relatively lower trading volume and volatility compared to other sessions. Major financial centers such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore are active during this session.

2.2 European Session Open

The European session opens at around 7:00 AM GMT and is considered the most active session. This session is marked by increased trading volume and volatility, as major financial centers like London, Frankfurt, and Paris become active. Many significant economic news releases also occur during the European session.

2.3 North American Session Open

The North American session opens at around 12:00 PM GMT. This session overlaps with the end of the European session and is characterized by increased trading activity, particularly in currencies like the US dollar and Canadian dollar. Major financial centers such as New York and Toronto are active during this session.

3. Forex Market Close Times

3.1 Asian Session Close

The Asian session closes at around 4:00 AM GMT. As the Asian session comes to an end, trading volume and volatility may decrease, leading to potentially quieter market conditions until the European session begins.

3.2 European Session Close

The European session closes at around 4:00 PM GMT. The close of the European session can lead to a decrease in trading volume and volatility, as traders in major financial centers start to wrap up their trading activities for the day.

3.3 North American Session Close

The North American session closes at around 9:00 PM GMT. After the North American session ends, trading activity may decrease further, as the Asian session prepares to begin.


Understanding forex market open and close times is essential for successful trading. By being aware of the different market sessions and their characteristics, as well as the times when sessions open and close, you can optimize your trading strategy and take advantage of increased trading activity and volatility. Remember to align your trading activities with the most active sessions and be mindful of session overlaps for enhanced trading opportunities. By incorporating knowledge of forex market open and close times into your trading routine, you can make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success in the dynamic forex market.

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