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What is the post-application process for an Axis Bank Forex Card?

by admin   ·  March 7, 2024   ·  


Once you have successfully applied for an Axis Bank Forex Card, there are a few important steps to follow in the post-application process. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary procedures to ensure a smooth experience with your Axis Bank Forex Card.

1. Card Activation

1.1 Activation through Internet Banking

Axis Bank provides an Internet Banking facility that allows you to activate your Forex Card online. Log in to your Axis Bank Internet Banking account and navigate to the Forex Card section. Follow the instructions provided to activate your card.

1.2 Activation through Mobile App

If you prefer using the Axis Bank Mobile App, you can activate your Forex Card through the app itself. Install the app on your mobile device, log in to your account, and locate the Forex Card activation feature. Follow the prompts to activate your card.

2. Loading Currency

2.1 Online Currency Loading

Axis Bank offers the convenience of loading currency onto your Forex Card online. Log in to your Axis Bank Internet Banking account or use the Mobile App to access the Forex Card section. Follow the instructions to select the desired currency and load the amount you need.

2.2 Offline Currency Loading

If you prefer offline currency loading, you can visit any Axis Bank branch or authorized currency exchange centers. Carry your Forex Card, along with the necessary identification documents, and request the desired amount of currency to be loaded onto your card. Ensure you have the required funds for the transaction.

3. Security Measures

3.1 Card PIN Generation

To enhance the security of your Axis Bank Forex Card, you will need to generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow the instructions provided by Axis Bank through Internet Banking or the Mobile App to generate a PIN for your card. Memorize the PIN and do not share it with anyone.

3.2 Card Security Tips

Axis Bank advises cardholders to follow certain security measures to protect their Forex Card. These include not sharing the card details, PIN, or internet banking login credentials with anyone, avoiding suspicious websites or emails, and regularly monitoring the card transactions for any unauthorized activity.

4. Using the Forex Card

4.1 International Transactions

Your Axis Bank Forex Card can be used for various international transactions such as shopping, dining, or withdrawing cash from ATMs. Ensure that the merchant or ATM accepts Visa/Mastercard-powered cards, and use your Forex Card just like any other debit or credit card.

4.2 Checking Balance and Statements

Axis Bank provides multiple options for checking your Forex Card balance and transaction history. You can use Internet Banking, the Mobile App, or opt for SMS alerts to stay updated on your card’s usage and available balance.


After successfully applying for an Axis Bank Forex Card, the post-application process involves card activation through Internet Banking or the Mobile App, loading currency online or offline, taking necessary security measures such as generating a PIN, and using the card for international transactions while keeping track of the balance and statements. By following these steps, you can make the most of your Axis Bank Forex Card and enjoy a hassle-free experience during your travels or international payments.

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